See for yourself how BlueSky Statistics can help you unleash the power of R in your organisation

28 Sept, 1-1.40pm

Sign up for our free 40 minute webinar in which we’ll demonstrate the power of BlueSky Statistics, a new fully-featured statistics application built on the open source R project. BlueSky Statistics gives you a powerful and familiar graphical interface through which you can manipulate R.

One of R’s great strengths is its flexibility and ability to help data scientists to solve complex analytical problems. However, to access R’s capabilities users have needed to be competent and comfortable with writing code.

BlueSky Statistics solves this problem.

  • For non-coding users – BlueSky Statistics enables you to harness the power of R via a completely customisable and familiar graphical user interface, without having to learn any code.
  • Expert R programmers – BlueSky Statistics enables you to make the sophisticated analytical processes and routines that you’ve developed accessible to business-focused users with no specialist R knowledge

In this free webinar you’ll see how BlueSky Statistics makes it easy to:

  • Execute a wide range of R commands via an intuitive graphical user interface
  • Learn the structure of the R language by pasting and editing the R code directly
  • Enter your own data to create a new dataset
  • Open files of different types and save them in different formats
  • Generate crosstabs and summary statistics
  • Perform tests of significance like Chi Square and F tests
  • Filter data and create new fields
  • Generate a wide range of rich charts
  • Perform linear regression

Who should attend?

  • Statisticians, analysts and data scientists currently using R who want to learn more about this new addition to the R landscape
  • Anyone who is considering deploying R in their organization and wants to make it as accessible as possible to non-R specialists
  • Anyone who wants to build up the data science strength in their organisation by adding R to their analytics portfolio

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