BlueSky Statistics provides you with a fully-featured statistics application and development framework built on the open source R project, giving you a powerful and familiar user interface through which to manipulate R. BlueSky Statistics unlocks the power of R for the analyst community by providing a rich GUI and output for many popular statistics, data mining, data manipulation and graphics commands, all out of the box.

Who will benefit from using BlueSky Statistics?

Professors and students who want to migrate from proprietary statistical applications to R and ease the R learning curve. Students in advanced degrees who want to exploit the cutting edge analytics available in R.
Organisations who use or want to use the range of functions available in proprietary statistical & data mining solutions and are fed-up with the high costs. Sophisticated analysts who want to use the cutting edge analytics available in R with the ability to make these routines accessible to non R users.
R Programmers
Programmers who have analysis with variable inputs that is run very frequently and will be more efficient with this input parameterized via a GUI, or who want the efficiency of a GUI for exploratory analysis.

Bluesky modules

BlueSky Application

BlueSky's intuitive graphical user interface lets you:

  1. Open, browse and edit multiple datasets
  2. Create new datasets, add or remove variables, add/remove factor levels, recode, bin and much more
  3. Access popular statistics, data mining, data manipulation and exploratory data analysis functions out of the box
  4. Access the results of your analysis via a rich graphical user interface
  5. Run R programs directly and access output, quickly and simply

BlueSky Syntax Editor

Using BlueSky's Syntax Editor you can:
  1. Type in and execute R syntax directly
  2. Run R programs in automated or batch mode
  3. Inspect the R syntax generated by any of the out of the box functions available in BlueSky Statistics
  4. Create, open and save R programs for reuse

BlueSky Output Viewer

Share the results of your analysis including a wider range of graphs, charts and tables with your peers, management team or customers, even if they don't have the BlueSky Statistics application.

This enables consumers of your analytics to benefit from the rich interactivity available in the BlueSky Statistics application, even if they're not users themselves.

The BlueSky Statistics application also supports exporting the output to HTML, PDF and copying and pasting to Office applications.

BlueSky Dialogue Designer

Using the Dialogue Designer you can create statistical modules or functions with a rich graphical user interface and output for any existing R function in any package, or any new R function or package you create.

The BlueSky Dialogue designer enables you to create and save the user interface and output definition for the statistics module or function in a zipped file.

In a couple of clicks these zipped files can be installed in the BlueSky Statistics application or distributed to colleagues.

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Meet the BlueSky team

Meet the BlueSky Statistics UK team. BlueSky Statistics is brought to the UK by the team behind Smart Vision Europe. Smart Vision is one of the UK's leading providers of predictive analytics products, training and consultancy and all our team have many years of experience in the analytics industry.

Berni Simmons

Berni Simmons

Sales Director

Rachel Clinton

Rachel Clinton

Business development

Jarlath Quinn

Jarlath Quinn

Pre-sales Director

John McConnell

John McConnell

Training and consulting

Lorna Walker

Lorna Walker


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