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How does BlueSky Statistics fit into your organisation’s analytics portfolio?

There is a strong argument to support the inclusion and use of open source tools in your organisation’s wider analytical endeavours (think low cost of entry, breadth of analytical capability and the ability to develop analytical intellectual property in those analytical routines).

We’ve also discussed, in earlier blog posts, the caveats and constraints of an open source only approach (think difficulties in scaling, constraints on analytical productivity and the inevitable creation of bottlenecks in the analytics process).

What BlueSky Statistics provides is a practical answer to these challenges:

  • The low cost of entry – a full commercial license is only £300 per user per annum, putting the application within the reach of even the most modest software budget. At this level of investment the BlueSky approach does not significantly dilute the low cost of ownership appeal of the open source route.
  • The intuitive user interface – this allows your organisation to quickly develop and scale its use of more sophisticated analytics and for day to day ownership of analytical processes to sit outside of the inevitably smaller resource pool of your R centre of excellence.
  • Highly specialised routines for non-expert users – as your organisation develops increased analytical skills in its use of R and BlueSky Statistics it will be possible for highly specialised analytical routines to be packaged and made available to non-expert users, whilst also enabling these users to undertake configuration each time they want to run the routine, through the use of the BlueSky Statistics custom dialogue module.
  • Professional-level customer support – BlueSky Statistics is a fully supported product, backed up by the smart Vision Europe Ltd, UK based support desk. This means we can provide detailed user support covering both the BlueSky application and R. We provide both technical and ‘how to’ support via phone, email and telephone.


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