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Five ways that BlueSky can help you leverage the power of R

BlueSky Statistics has been designed and developed to enable users and organisations to address a range of challenges that surface when embarking on data science as a practice in your business or organisation.

It is likely that you will (quite understandably and rightly) be keen to make use of open source technologies as part of your analytical technology stack. This is by no means a bad idea, quite the opposite in fact, although as we discussed in my last blog post it does come with some caveats and it begins to present some challenges of its own. So how does BlueSky Statistics help?

Here is a list of 5 to get you started:

  1. BlueSky provides familiar and intuitive user interface that is typically only available in mainstream (and much more expensive) statistical applications like SPSS, SAS etc. BlueSky is extremely affordable putting advanced, flexible analytics and predictive modelling within the grasp of even the smallest organisation.
  2. BlueSky will enable your individual users and by extension your wider analytics endeavours by harnessing the power of R via an easy to learn front-end to a stack of classic analytical and data manipulation procedures.
  3. Because BlueSky provides a graphical user interface that any user can be taught to master. It provides a way to access, use and learn R that is a great deal easier than having to tackle the coding skills required if learning native R from scratch. A user who is a non-programmer can build up sophisticated data management, data preparation and analytical routines by using the GUI and then simply pressing the syntax button. This will generate results and the native R code. This more incremental and accessible approach will give users the confidence to develop their analytical approaches whilst being able to understand what R commands achieve which analytical outcomes.
  4. BlueSky Statistics provides a flexible way for expert R programmers to make their scripts and analytical routines accessible and crucially configurable to non-programmers. We discussed in my previous post how the skills required to use R effectively can quickly become a bottleneck to you analytical aspirations. BlueSky provides a scalable way to deliver more analytical bandwidth to your organisation.
  5. BlueSky Statistics offers a rich and highly flexible ‘Custom Dialogue’ module. This allows for the rapid development of completely bespoke GU interface options for your organisations unique analytical routines. It is through the Custom Dialogue capability that a small ‘Centre of Excellence’ with programming level R skills can distribute and devolve analytical capability and in doing so significantly boost analytical productivity.

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